Kind Leader Spotlight Series

Introducing our Kind Leader Spotlight Series! Every Friday we will be showcasing leaders who demonstrate the positive change we hope to create in the world.

November 8, 2019:


This week’s Kind Leader Spotlight shines on Priya Vulchi & Winona Guo! 

Priya and Winona deferred going to college to travel cross-country and hear first-hand narratives of how racism affects people in their daily lives. They turned these stories into a book “Tell Me Who You Are,” which they plan to develop into a K-12 racial literacy curriculum. 

We celebrate them for using #storytelling and #narrative to teach #empathy and create a #kindertomorrow!

Check out their website for more resources.

November 1, 2019:


This week’s Kind Leader Spotlight shines on Shreyaa & Esha Venkat! 

Shreyaa & Esha founded NEST4US, a non-profit organization dedicated to working with communities to provide volunteer and leadership opportunities to make the world better through kindness. Their goals are to nourish the hungry, inspire youth, & connect the world.

We celebrate them for using their passion to make positive change and inspire others to create a #kindertomorrow!

Learn more on NEST4US website.

October 25, 2019:


This week’s Kind Leader Spotlight shines on Katie Stagliano! 

At 9, Katie grew a 40 lb cabbage and donated it to a soup kitchen to feed over 275 people. Inspired by this experience, Katie started a vegetable garden to help feed people in need. Katie’s Krops now has over 100 gardens across the country! 

We celebrate her for starting young to create a #kindertomorrow!

Check out Katie’s Krops website to learn more.

October 18, 2019:


This week’s Kind Leader Spotlight shines on Yash Gupta! 

Yash founded Sight Learning at 14 years old to help students around the world “see clearly and envision their future” with proper eyeglasses. 

We celebrate him for making eyeglasses accessible and envisioning  a #kindertomorrow!

Check out Sight Learning’s website.

October 11, 2019:


This week’s Kind Leader Spotlight shines on Sophie Cruz! 

Sophie wrote a letter to the Pope in 2015 asking for help to keep her undocumented parents with her in the U.S. She has since spoken at the 2017 Women’s March and in front of the Supreme Court with a crowd of over 5,000.

We celebrate her for using her story to inspire others and create a #kindertomorrow!

October 4, 2019:


Mari brought nationwide attention to the Flint Water Crisis with a letter to President Barack Obama in 2016. 

She is now raising funds for a water filter that provides clean safe water to communities across the country dealing with a lead crisis. Every $1 donated provides the equivalent of 160 bottles of water!

Click here to donate:  


September 27, 2019:

This week’s Kind Leader Spotlight shines on Dr. Christine O’Connell!

We are thrilled to announce our first Executive Director, Dr. Christine O’Connell! She comes to Riley’s Way Foundation with a distinguished career in communication, empowering voices, and building empathetic leaders with Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science and Stony Brook University.

We celebrate her for her dedication to advancing empathy in leadership and creating a #kindertomorrow!

Read more about why we are so excited about Christine here.

September 20, 2019:


This weeks Kind Leader Spotlight shines on Wilson Boardman!

Wilson is a teacher at Curtis Guild Elementary School in Boston, Massachusetts. He teaches socio-emotional learning in his fifth grade class, with the goal of building a kind and caring character in his students.

Let’s celebrate him for creating a #kindertomorrow!

Listen to the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Learning Moments: ‘Teachers in America series’ podcast here.


September 13, 2019:

This weeks Kind Leader Spotlight shines on Dr. Nadia Lopez!

Dr. Lopez founded Mott Hall Bridges Academy in 2010 and went viral with an inspirational Humans of New York post on her student, Vidal, in 2015. She encourages educators to approach every interaction with students as an opportunity to inspire greatness.

Lets celebrate her for creating a #kindertomorrow!

Read more here.

Check out her website.

September 6, 2019:


Celebrate kindness in the classroom as we start the new school year. Each Friday in September we will be highlighting a teacher who is building a kinder tomorrow in their schools and communities. This week meet the inspiring Brittany Sinitch!

A survivor of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, Brittany is transforming her hurt into joy. Through her YouTube videos, her organization The Unbreakable Org and her inspiring Instagram presence, she is sharing the power of positivity and making space for others to do the same. You can read more about Brittany on the Womaze website (one of our Call for Kindness winners).

Lets celebrate her for creating a #kindertomorrow!

Check out her on YouTube, Instagram, and her website!

August 30, 3019:


This week’s Kind Leader Spotlight shines on Sameer Jha!

Dedicated to making schools and communities safer for LGBTQ+ youth, Sameer Jha founded The Empathy Alliance when he was fourteen and created a guidebook to help teachers make schools safer for LGBTQ+ students. He has spoken at conferences and met with school boards to raise awareness about the importance of empathy in schools.

We celebrate him for using empathy to make schools and communities safer for LGBTQ+ students and creating a #kindertomorrow!

Learn more at The Empathy Alliance website.

August 23, 2019:


This week’s Kind Leader Spotlight shines on Hailey Richman!

Taking her own family’s experience with Alzheimer’s and turning it into an opportunity to support others in similar circumstances, Hailey started Kid Caregivers, an organization that supports and empowers children who are acting as caregivers. She partners with Puzzles To Remember, an organization that provides puzzles to facilitate care for people with Alzheimer’s disease.

“I want all kids to know that, don’t think just because you’re a kid that you can’t make a difference”

We celebrate her for empowering kids and adults alike to act with compassion and creating a #kindertomorrow!

Check out the Kid Caregivers website to learn more.

August 16, 2019:


This week’s Kind Leader Spotlight shines on Michelle Obama!

Though there are many examples of the former First Lady leading with kindness, we spotlight her and the Reach Higher initiative for starting a YouTube Originals series titled “A Student’s Guide to Your First Year of College.” The series will offer advice to young adults on issues like financial aid, mentor relationships, and basic living-alone survival. Learn more and watch the trailer for what Michelle has in store.

We celebrate her for empowering undergrads to excel in their first year and creating a #kindertomorrow!

August 9, 2019:


This week’s Kind Leader Spotlight shines on Ruben Martinez!

This 11-year-old’s response to the El Paso shooting is creating the #ElPasoCHALLENGE, asking people to commit to 22 acts of kindness, one for each victim. Ruben decided to do something to encourage others after tragedy. Though this challenge was posed to El Pasoans, it has quickly spread across the country.

We celebrate Ruben for reminding all of us that we can choose to respond to hate with kindness every day!

One kind act you can start with today is signing this petition from Everytown to support stronger gun laws and protect our communities:

Read more about how this campaign began here.

August 2, 2019:


This weeks Kind Leader Spotlight Shines on the DIY Girls IvenTeam: Prinsesa, Paulina, Daniela, Maggie, Aracely, Kenia, Patricia, Veronica, Wendy, Kassandra, America, and Paola!

A group of self-taught engineers, these teens have created solar-powered tents that fold into a rollaway backpack. Seeing the population of homeless people increase in their community, these teens decided to respond creatively and kindly.

We celebrate their effort to create a #kindertomorrow!

July 26, 2019:


This week’s Kind Leader Spotlight shines on Zaria X Hailey!

These two amazing sisters have committed to sharing their love of bedtime stories with children all around the world. Through Facebook Live and with the help of their public library, Zaria & Hailey connect kids everywhere with stories of children they don’t always see.

We celebrate their storytelling because every act of kindness can go a long way to creating a #kindertomorrow!

July 19, 2019:


This week’s Kind Leader Spotlight shines on Our Children’s Trust: Aji, Alex, Avery, Hazel, Isaac, Jacob, Jaime, Jayden, Journey, Kelsey, Kiran, Levi, Miko, Nathan, Nick, Sahara, Sophie, Tia, Vic, Xiuhtezcatl & Zealand.

For their efforts to secure a stable climate and healthy atmosphere for everyone. Their activism reminds us that in order to create a #kindertomorrow we have to fight for it today.

Click here to get updates on their fight and learn about state/local/grassroots action across the country and in the world.