Generating a virtuous cycle of kindness in schools.

What We Do

Riley’s Way Program was one of our pilot programs, lasting from 2015-2021. We partnered with four elementary schools to encourages and recognizes students who are kind and empathetic – as evidenced by clear examples of those children helping others – so that being the truest of friends is celebrated in the same way that children often get commended for being a good athlete or top student.

Through the program, Riley’s Way provided a 5-year $60,000 grant to our partner elementary schools in New York City to allow them to focus on social and emotional learning in both their teachers and students. Through this grant, we provided professional development and training for the teachers and curriculum, lesson plans, and activities for the students.

In 2020, we worked with several of the schools to provide resources to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. This included using their grant to buy Chromebooks for at-home learning, creating a food pantry for families in need, and even supporting a dance curriculum to help support programs lost due to budgetary costs.


Our goal is to generate a virtuous cycle of kindness in schools, with the hope that it leads to a positive, measurable, long-term impact in students' lives as well as in their schools and communities. This broad-reaching impact will include raising awareness about the importance of kindness and empathy, and encouraging and helping to change students' behavior so that they are more kind and empathetic to each other.