Riley’s Way Awarded Philanthropy Award for Youth Empowerment

Thank you to News Corp / The New York Post for recognizing the strides Riley’s Way has made to inspire youth to use kindness and empathy as a tool to lead the world into a better tomorrow!

Riley’s Way believes in building connections that enable youth to better understand their communities and their ability to create positive change in the world. Through our programming and events (Riley’s Way Councils, Youth Leadership Retreat, and Call for Kindness) Riley’s Way gives teens the space to practice kindness and relationship building. From letter writing to youth in detention centers to providing meals for LGBTQ+ homeless centers, Riley’s Way is proud to empower teens to make kindness an action.

I really liked the idea of writing letters to immigrants in detention centers, because it felt so aligned with Riley’s Way values – I was excited to send messages of support to people who really needed them.

-Gabby, Teen-to-Teen Letter Writing

This award is an amazing acknowledgment of our work empowering youth to do what is kind and make empathy a necessary characteristic of leadership.

To me, this program means hope, empathy, generosity and most importantly kindness. Riley’s Way helps us come together and support each other as a community.

Aisha, Council Member

We are grateful to the teens, teachers, faculty, and community members that continue to build our network of kindness and are excited for all the possibilities yet to come!