Leading today for a kinder tomorrow

Riley’s Way empowers young leaders to use kindness and empathy to create meaningful connections and positive change.

We envision a future where kind leaders build a better world.


Kindness is valuing and respecting others and offering to help without expecting anything in return. Kindness is empathy in action. Kindness is a strength that can build a better world.


Empathy is understanding all sides of a challenge, issue or obstacle. This means not just identifying an alternative perspective, but actually seeing things from a different point of view. Empathy enables strong and meaningful connections.


Our leaders drive change, build connections and support their peers. Kind leaders think beyond their own circumstances to embody change and strengthen their community. We believe kindness and empathy are leadership qualities to be celebrated and fostered.

Connection Making

Our leaders value diversity and build bridges within and beyond their communities. Treating people with consideration and open-mindedness — and approaching everyone as a potential friend — creates meaningful relationships with individuals and partners from diverse backgrounds and strengthens communities.

Call for Kindness

How can you drive change that inspires kindness and builds meaningful connections in your community?

At Riley’s Way, we believe that leading with intentional kindness is the key to building meaningful relationships and making the world a better place. We approach everyone as a potential friend and celebrate bringing together people from different worlds, just like Riley did. We are looking for six “Kindness Fellows” who are practicing intentional kindness and empathy to lead a movement of change that creates connections and strengthens their community.



The Youth Conference will bring young women together to foster connections, build leadership skills, and support them in being change agents in their schools and communities. We strive to empower them to lead with kindness and empathy, and provide the infrastructure they need to build meaningful connections and programs back home.


Riley's Way Council

Riley’s Way Councils connect public and private high schools to inspire teens to lead with empathy and kindness, and create programs that drive positive change in their communities. We directly empower youth to lead the Riley’s Way movement by building connections and fostering meaningful relationships with peers, mentors, and community members from all walks of life.


Riley's Way Program

Initially, Riley’s Way provided grants to participating elementary schools in New York City to allow them to focus on social and emotional learning for both their teachers and students, including professional development trainings and workshops for educators and character building assemblies and activities for students.

Today, our Riley’s Way Councils lead the third and fourth grade students at these schools in empathy building activities throughout the year.


1,100+ students

We have impacted the lives of over 1,100 students through our programming.

145+ teachers

We have worked with over 145 teachers at our partner schools.


We have granted over $100,000 to our school partners and Councils.

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