Leading today for a kinder tomorrow


Riley’s Way invests in and supports the next generation of kind leaders. We provide young people with the programs, support and inclusive community they need to thrive as changemakers. Riley’s Way is committed to supporting these young leaders to build a better world that values kindness, empathy, connection and the voices of all youth.

We envision a future where kind leaders build a better world.

Riley’s Way works with emerging leaders, ages 13-23, who are leading social impact projects in areas like food insecurity, homelessness, education equity, and environmental justice – all through the lens of kindness, empathy, and connection. We support these young leaders to envision and achieve change. To date, we have invested in more than 3,500 young people across the country with over $4 million in grants and programming, impacting hundreds of thousands of people across the globe.

Our organization is built on the values of kindness, empathy, community, and youth leadership. We believe the best leaders have these values at their core and that young people are the key to advancing social change. We see Riley’s Way Alumni as future leaders in business, nonprofit, arts, education, STEM, public service, and their communities.


Kindness is an active choice and the intentional practice of compassion, respect, extending oneself, and showing genuine care for others.


Empathy is the willingness to see, feel, and learn beyond your own lived experiences. It requires actively listening and learning from others.

Youth Leadership

Young people are at the forefront of decision-making, creating change, mobilizing their peers, and contributing innovative solutions to pressing issues they care about most, with adult allyship and support from others.


A community values and celebrates everyone's unique voices and experiences. It provides a space that fosters belonging, where diverse voices are heard and amplified, intersectional identities are honored, and authentic relationships and meaningful friendships are cultivated.

Call For Kindness

How can you drive change that inspires kindness and builds meaningful connections in your community?

To lead positive change with kindness, Riley’s Way is on a mission to inspire kindness in the next generation of change leaders with the tools needed to make a positive impact in the world.

The Call For Kindness, is a national program that funds youth-led projects that inspire kindness, strengthen communities, and bring people together. Winners receive up to $5,000 to fund their project and join a cohort of Fellows from across the country to participate in our Youth Leadership Fellowship, learning from experts and each other.


Youth Leadership Retreat

The Youth Leadership Retreat brings together inspirational young people from around the country who are kind leaders and change agents in their communities. Teens and young adults participate in skill-building workshops where they learn how to tell their stories, communicate ideas, develop an action plan, approach new people, build relationships, and treat everyone as a friend.


Riley's Way Council

Riley’s Way Councils and Chapters bring together communities of students with different perspectives and support them to become kind leaders. Council and Chapter members work directly with community groups to make a difference on social justice issues through the lens of empathy and kindness.


Riley's Way Program

Initially, Riley’s Way provided grants to participating elementary schools in New York City to allow them to focus on social and emotional learning for both their teachers and students. This included professional development trainings and workshops for educators and character building assemblies and activities for students.




We impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of young people around the world through our programs and the young leaders we support.

300+ Kindness Fellows

We provide funding, resources, leadership development, and a supportive community for over 300 Call For Kindness Fellows and counting!

$4 Million+

We have given away millions of dollars in grants and leadership support for young changemakers around the country.


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