New Project

Helping Hands

Jonathan Tamen, David Tamen, Liam Berko, Marcus Shestack, Samantha Pedraza, Lara Gomez, Sofia Smith, Jaden Egan & Nicole Jimenez


Helping Hands is a project to have high school students first learn 3D printing skills, to use to make 3D printed prosthetic hands and distribute them to people in need.

Updates from Helping Hands

June, 2020
So far, students in Helping Hands have been working to make agendas and lesson plans to use with the start of school. The more technical members are planning on how to teach 3D design and printing concepts to students, while other members are focusing on agendas that will recruit lots of students and keep them engaged in our project when school starts. We want our project to be fun, educational, and safe with virtual and in-person meetings / demonstrations for students.