Mental Health

Kids Caregivers: Puzzle Time

Hailey Richman

New York

Puzzle Time - an intergenerational program pairing students and Scouts with persons living with Alzheimer's disease for an hour of jigsaw puzzle solving. The Alzheimer's residents receive stimulation to their brains and companionship while the young people receive community service hours and the joy of improving the lives of people in the Alzheimer's communities.

Kid Caregivers is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that I founded (EIN 61-1888629) which supports and empowers children who are acting as caregivers. There are 1.8 million children who are acting as caregivers for family members with Alzheimer's disease. We provide a peer-to-peer support platform, our mission is to help young people cope and to enliven the lives of adults living with Alzheimer's disease.