Tech Inclusion Project

Tamanna Begum & Sasha Hori

New York

The Tech Inclusion Project aims to bridge the demographic gap in the Tech industry by providing resources and opportunities to the underrepresented youth. In addition, we will build an app to enable connection-making among tech students and mentors.

Updates from Tech Inclusion Project

June, 2021
“Diversity drives innovation – when we limit who can contribute, we in turn limit what problems we can solve.”
— Telle Whitney

Unfortunately, the tech industry fails to recognize this message. As this homogeneous field progresses slowly, minorities are excluded and frequently underrepresented. Our organization, the Tech Inclusion Project (TIP), plans to combat this issue by providing the minority youth with tech-related resources and guide them on their path to success.

In particular, the Tech Inclusion Project will offer a two-month program where students can learn fundamental coding languages, participate in skill-building workshops, network with professionals, and partake in a Hackathon. In other words, our program focuses on fostering an inclusive environment for future coders. Our goal is to uplift minorities in the tech industry because, as we have experienced, it is quite easy to feel discouraged in a field that does not represent you. The Tech Inclusion Project heavily promotes teen leadership by enabling young students to share their skills with other teens. This will let students utilize and refine their leadership while promoting a kind environment.

Additionally, we will create an app called Techsify that will further allow connection-making between students and professionals in the tech industry. Users of Techsify can showcase their projects, share tips, discuss trending topics in tech, and connect with those with mutual interests. Techsify will be a virtual platform where students can rely on for support from both professionals and peers. We aspire to create a cooperative space where students support each other as they grow and become leaders.

Attending an all-girls school that encourages computer science has allowed us to grow as coders in a motivating environment; but only two blocks away, we have underprivileged schools with predominantly minority student bodies where computer science is not encouraged, nor even offered.

Through the Call for Kindness program, we hope to bring life to our mission of diversifying the tech industry. In the program, we look forward to learning technical skills of building our organization and connecting with other kind leaders. In addition, we plan to strengthen our leadership by using the resources offered through the Call for Kindness.

Kindness is an important tool for change, and our organization will use it to benefit underrepresented students. It is important to utilize our empathy to build a diverse tech community and an innovative future. As barriers break and meaningful connections are made, students create a life-long network of alike students and professionals.