Existing Project

Maverick Movie Night and Carnival

Valentina Carrion


Valentina and her schoolmates goal is to use the connections in their school community to support a chosen family or cause or need. This is an ongoing project that brings their community together by focusing on a common goal through a completely student-led event. They will use the funds to host the event, involve more student-led clubs, and do outreach in their wider community.

Updates from Valentina

July, 2019
Hey there, Riley’s Way community! My name is Valentina Carrion and i am one of the lucky winners of this year’s Call for Kindness Award. The project I wanted to focus my application on is my school’s annual Maverick Movie Night & Carnival that we use to bring our community together for a fun night—with carnival games, food, and a movie— while raising money for a chosen family or cause. I love this event because not only does it reveal my school community’s passion for helping others, it really lets the students’ potential shine. The movie night began in the minds of our school’s Link Crew Club moderators Melissa Chriswisser and Claudia Curtis and has since flourished into a fun, student-led event. We advertise months in advance, fundraise, and this year we even appeared on a local news station. I am so excited for my final year and the years to come with this event. I hope to make this one our most fun, organized but most importantly, our most impactful year. I hope this next movie night will raise enough money to impact more people’s lives and make a stronger impact in our community and I hope to inspire more to start similar events in their own communities to help those in need. The look on the faces of recipients after all the money has been raised and they realize a whole community is standing behind them is priceless.